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Celebrating 20 years of community at KYCC


20th Annual Cultural Fall Festival

Saturday, November 17, 2007
7pm - 9pm
Oakland Asian Cultural Center
388 Ninth Street, Oakland CA

General Admission $18, Students/Seniors $15

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Special thanks to UC Berkeley's EGO, Friends of KYCC, and the San Francisco Foundation

Since December 5, 1987, the Korean Youth Cultural Center has provided a space for young people to explore, cultivate and share their ideas, energy and passion about Korean American culture, identity, politics, history and community. Through various cultural and political activities, KYCC members and supporters strengthen their knowledge of, not only Korean and Korean American culture, but also of themselves and how they relate to those cultures. The journey to self and cultural discovery inspires KYCC to continue building and contributing to Korean American community.

The Korean Youth Cultural Center is committed to the following:

1. To empower Korean American youth and young adults, both locally and nationally, to play a central role in developing a self-determined Korean American community.
2. To help build awareness of Korean, Korean American and Asian American issues and work towards the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.
3. To nourish and develop Korean American cultural traditions and folk art in order to increase the development and visibility of the Korean American community and to keep those traditions alive.